WordPress- Responsive Select Menu Plugin

The Responsive Select Menu is free plugin and is available in the WordPress plugin repository.  It is compatible with agility and uber menu.

To check the responsive select menu resizes the window to less than 767px. If you are working on responsive theme is it mandatory to assure the navigation is working finely on all devices.

Through Responsive Select Menu Panel you can do such things:-

  • Set the text of first menu item.
  • Choose the character used to indent your submenu items.
  • Configure the level you wish to include in menu.
  • For top-level menu select it to one.
  • Select whether or not to exclude ‘dummy’ items.
  • Set breakpoint of width.
  • Responsive Select Menu can be used by any wordpress that support unordered-list-based wordpress 3 menus and is compatible with agility. This responsive menu has 45 customizable options. It creates a three-lined mobile menu button, which is easily navigated.

    Features of Responsive Menu Plugin

  • Light-weight and simple code
  • Custom color functionality
  • Fully responsive
  • Works perfectly on all devices
  • Customizable menu title
  • Functionality to add custom search
  • Easy to use admin interface
  • Option to open menu from left and right
  • Color functionality to match theme
  • Easy markup and installation
  • Installation Process

  • Upload the wp-responsive-select-menu folder to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’.
  • Activate the ‘WP Responsive Select Menu’ list plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Select “Responsive Menu” from dashboard area and customize the setting of plugin.





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