WordPress vs Drupal: Which One is Best?

Both WordPress and Drupal have same standing as they were been in market for same period. And are entrant player in market of CMS.
Wordpress has 10 times more users if we compare to Drupal and it nevertheless leads to WordPress. But is it true that a Drupal will be less capable than a WordPress. As a researcher you feel happy to know that I have done exploration on both and here I am presenting each of them.
There are many awesome features of Drupal but you can get familiar only when you know how to use them.

WordPress and Drupal all offer many different features like tone of customization, ease-of-use or strong security.

Drupal provides in-depth reports of security and has enterprise level of security. And because many free plugins in WordPress it can be hacked easily.

Ease of Use
WordPress is best preference for beginners because of its ease and use feature. It works fine for small or medium size websites or blogs and smaller ecommerce stores. Drupal is difficult and powerful. It requires an understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP.
If you have less knowledge of development and you want to get familiar with CMS, simply choose WordPress as the reason is Drupal’s back end is too much complicated. You too can start blogging with WordPress and it is user friendly.

Size and Cost
A drupal developer charges a lot than WordPress developers and there are paid plugins and themes to download. Whereas in WordPress a lot many plugins are free to install and use.
Drupal can support a static page site to thousands of pages and readers. WordPress was originally designed for blogging platforms and can easily handle the large books of contents.

Both are free to install. In WordPress various themes or plugins are available to choose. For beginners it is best option to choose because it also keeps cost down.
You too can download Drupal into your hosting server and if you are not aware which host to use, make use of web hosting chart. Drupal is the best and powerful CMS- but raise difficulties for website owner.

My Favorite is:-
I will be honest… I Prefer WordPress!!!

Usually I build sites of my client on WordPress.

It has many brilliant features, allows edit, add or delete anytime. You can add unlimited pages or content. Free plugins or suitable theme can be used. Have security updates and can use without knowing HTML or CSS.

If you are just a tyro, go with WordPress.

If you are going with Drupal, atleast you should have knowledge of basic PHP, HTML or CSS. You don’t require having expertise in any of programming language. But make sure you can identify the error in code and able to solve troubleshoot problems.
WordPress is an easy-to-use framework and locks down the knack for users to make edits. For learners this is the most suitable CMS to design a website.



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