Connected Cars: Top 5 Best IoT Apps

In 2019, Americans spent approximately 70 billion hours driving, marking an 8% increase in driving time compared to previous years. On average, they drive 11,498 miles per year and spend around 100 hours driving. This trend has made the automotive market a highly lucrative industry for the development of connected car apps. The market size for connected cars is expected to reach $166 billion by the end of 2025.

We will introduce you to some of the most popular connected car apps available in the market today.

What Are Connected Cars?

Connected cars are a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, which refers to everyday objects that are connected to the Internet to make our lives easier. These cars are equipped with a wireless local area network (WLAN) that enables them to connect to the internet and share data with other devices both inside and outside the car.

Unlike other connected devices, connected cars offer a wide range of communication possibilities, providing users with real-time access to all sorts of information. They also allow for a connection between the car dealership and the car, and in the event of an accident, can alert emergency services.

Moreover, connected cars offer a lot of useful functions. They can assist with navigation, offer entertainment options, and even provide information about vehicle maintenance and diagnostics. Additionally, they can help improve road safety and driver behaviour through features like lane departure warnings and collision avoidance systems.

Interchange Of Data Works On Five Levels

The interchange of data in connected cars occurs on five different levels. Let’s explore each level in detail.

V2I (Vehicle To Infrastructure)

On this level, communication occurs between the car and its surroundings, providing real-time information about accidents, road conditions, parking availability, construction, and more.

V2V (Vehicle To Vehicle)

Cars communicate with each other on this level, sharing their current location to avoid accidents and traffic congestion.

V2C (Vehicle To Cloud)

Data interchange takes place between the vehicle and cloud-based analytics platforms at this level. The car’s sensors collect data and send it to the cloud for processing, providing drivers with valuable insights ranging from real-time data to predictive maintenance analytics.

V2P (Vehicle To Pedestrians)

This type of data exchange helps protect pedestrians by tracking their presence on the road and alerting other drivers through smartphone notifications.

V2X (Vehicle To Everything)

On this level, cars and other objects on the road exchange data about road markings, traffic lights, and traffic signs, among other things.

Benefits Of IoT Automotive Apps

There are numerous advantages to using IoT Automotive applications. Here are some of them

Real-time vehicle monitoring assistance and breakdown prevention.Connected cars using the Vehicle to Cloud (V2C) connection can provide instant notifications about the vehicle’s condition and take action to avoid malfunctions. This timely access to data can help reduce maintenance costs significantly.

Real-time monitoring allows drivers to have more control over their vehicle’s state, schedule repairs, and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Fleet managers can track the location of various cars and determine which of them needs maintenance, making fleet management more efficient.Enhances in-built abilities of vehicles with third-party tools Connected car app users can receive discounts and cashback for services that are available through 3rd-party integrations, such as in-car entertainment systems, advanced navigation systems, and AI-driven security.

Smart cars can adjust their speed and route automatically based on real-time data received from V2V, V2I, and V2X connections, reducing the number of accidents and congestion and creating a safer and better traffic situation.Smart routing can help reduce car exhaust emissions and encourage more people to carpool. Specially-abled people will also become capable of using connected cars, making driving more accessible.

Although connected cars and the use of automotive apps come at a cost, the time-saving and fuel-efficiency benefits that come with them are hard to underestimate. This can lead to enhanced cost-effectiveness in the long run.

Top Five Car Apps

Here are the top 5 car applications that are popular and widely used in the market today


An automotive maintenance app that provides real-time driving insights, maintenance alerts, roadside assistance, trip tracking, engine diagnostics, and discounts. It comes with a custom device that has cellular and in-car Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities. Zubie connects to various third-party apps and services.


A Bluetooth OBD2-connected car adapter that logs mileage for easy tax and expenses, and provides diagnostic alerts, speeding alerts, and real-time feedback for new drivers. GoFar connects to CSV exporting.


An IoT, augmented reality, and driver-assist technology app that provides basic phone features, navigation and Google Maps search, car maintenance information, and gesture/voice control. Navdy connects to Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify.


An automotive maintenance app that offers real-time car monitoring and diagnostics, detailed trip logs, nearby gas stations and repair shops, social features, and driving suggestions. Dash connects to other applications using IFTTT recipes.


An automotive maintenance app that provides vehicle diagnostics, trip and fill-up logging, crash alert, parking and live vehicle tracking, and Bluetooth/3G syncing. Automatic has a large portfolio of third-party integrations to enhance its core features.

Wrapping Up

Just like smartphones in 2010, the automotive market is currently undergoing a transformational phase. While the industry is still in the process of taking shape, there is no doubt that the opportunities are immense. It is an opportune moment for businesses to step in and carve a niche for themselves in this emerging market. The time to act is now and those who are quick to capitalize on the trend are sure to see their businesses flourish and grow.

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