How to hire programmers for your project?

When searching for a programmer to assist with software development and online business growth, relying solely on platforms like LinkedIn may not guarantee to find the right candidate. It is crucial to understand the essentials of hiring a computer programmer.

According to a survey, approximately 87% of developers reported learning new languages, frameworks, or tools on their own without formal courses. Consequently, without the ability to recognize genuine and skilled programmers, there is a risk to the success of your project and business.

Hiring Mistakes to Avoid?

Entrepreneurs and businesses often make several mistakes when seeking to hire computer programmers such as

  • Searching in the wrong places.
  • Hiring programmers with irrelevant technical skills.
  • Onboarding programmers without clear and sufficient terms.
  • ¬†Neglecting available hiring options.


  • ¬†Exceeding the budget.
  • ¬†Project delivery delays.
  • ¬†Persistent performance issues.
  • ¬†Negative customer experience.
  • Inefficient system architecture.
  • Malfunctioning functionalities.

To avoid encountering such disasters, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the process of hiring a computer programmer. Understanding the types of programmers that align with your project and planning your hiring budget will help you steer clear of unnecessary troubles. While it’s impossible to guarantee a problem-free experience, rest assured that you will be safeguarded against unreliable programmers who lack action.

Is hiring computer programmers truly necessary?

Often, businesses fail to grasp the specific requirements for achieving success. Following popular trends doesn’t always yield favourable outcomes for everyone. For instance,

Consider a small business owner aiming to launch an eCommerce platform. They face budget constraints and a tight timeline. To make matters worse, they need the platform operational as quickly as possible.

Now, there are two options available

  • Choose a technology stack and hire computer programmers to develop the eCommerce platform from scratch.
  • Purchase a reliable and customizable off-the-shelf eCommerce platform.

Given the circumstances, the latter option proves more advantageous. Since the business has yet to generate revenue, investing significant time and money in hiring programmers would only accumulate debts.

On the other hand,

A large enterprise necessitates a highly complex and tailored software solution to manage its operations. Their unique business processes and requirements cannot be easily fulfilled by pre-existing software solutions.

In this case, it is advisable to hire computer programmers. They will employ specific technologies to ensure seamless business processes. Moreover, the software will require frequent updates and upgrades that can be efficiently maintained by the programmers involved in its development.

So do not initiate the hiring process unless you have a clear vision or a business goal that demands the expertise of highly skilled programmers.

What qualifications should your programmers possess?

As you embark on growing your business and aiming to compete effectively in the digital market, it becomes crucial to hire proficient computer programmers capable of building powerful software. However, before proceeding, do you have a clear understanding of the skills you desire in your programmers?

With hundreds of programming languages and thousands of software development frameworks and tools being practised by millions of programmers worldwide, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the leading technologies and determine which ones align with your specific requirements before commencing the hiring process.

For developing an interactive website or web app, consider the following technologies

  • Laravel Development
  • Java Development
  • PHP Development
  • Python Development
  • Angular Development
  • Vue Js Development
  • Node Js Development
  • React Js Development

If your goal is to build a high-performing mobile app using native technology, Choose

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development

If you aim to develop a mobile app that can be launched on multiple platforms, consider

  • Flutter App Development
  • React Native App Development

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but rather a selection of widely used software development solutions.

If you lack technical expertise or familiarity with programming technologies, it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert. On the right side at the bottom, you will find our business consultant who can provide real-time assistance for any technical or programmer-related queries. Make the most of this feature right away!

In addition to coding skills, there are other essential skills to consider when hiring computer programmers. These skills complement their role and make them well-rounded professionals.

Proficiency in version control systems like Git, which enables effective management of source code changes.Familiarity with SQL (Structured Query Language) and experience working with various database management systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.

Experience in developing and integrating RESTful APIs.Basic understanding of DevOps principles. Strong analytical thinking, troubleshooting, debugging skills, and effective communication abilities are advantageous. These additional skills enhance the value of a programmer and contribute to their overall effectiveness in a development team.

How many programmers should you hire?

The number of programmers required depends on the project’s scope and specific requirements. Larger enterprise-level software projects may necessitate hiring more developers, while smaller-scale applications may only require a couple of developers.

  • Developing an eCommerce website typically requires around 3 to 4 developers to handle front-end, back-end and database development.
  • Creating a mobile app may involve a team of 2-3 mobile app developers, with one dedicated to each platform, depending on the app’s complexity.
  • Complex software solutions like ERP systems or banking software may require a team of 8 to 10 developers, along with business analysts, project managers, and testers.

The number of programmers to hire depends on factors such as the project’s nature, size, and complexity. To get an accurate estimation, it is recommended to outline your project requirements in a document, regardless of your technical expertise. This document can then be presented to a business analyst or a software agency, who can assist in providing the most precise estimation of the professionals and skills required for your project.

Where can you find exceptional computer programmers for hire?

Once you have a clear understanding of your project requirements and the number of programmers needed, it’s time to navigate the maze of available talent.

You must determine the hiring terms you wish to offer, as this can significantly impact the hiring process. Numerous online tools and resources are available to help you accomplish this task. A quick search on your browser will yield helpful options.

If you choose to hire full-time programmers for your website:

Salaries can vary from $60,000 to $120,000 or higher, depending on the programmers’ experience and your location. You will be responsible for covering software and hardware expenses, as well as workplace rent and maintenance. Consider hiring a recruitment agency or human resources (HR) professional to assist you in finding the right programmers.

It is advisable to hire full-time programmers when you are a large enterprise seeking complete control over the development team. You can find potential candidates on job portals.

Note: These guidelines are specifically for hiring full-time programmers and may not apply to other hiring options.

If you opt to hire freelance programmers

Finding reliable freelance programmers can be a challenging task.

Hiring multiple freelancers can result in a fragmented development team, which may impact project quality and delivery time. There is always a risk of freelancers disappearing or not completing the project after receiving an advance payment.

Freelancers are well-suited for handling minor tasks like software updates, bug fixes, API integrations, and similar tasks. You can find freelance programmers on platforms such as LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, and others freelancing platforms.

Note: It is important to carefully assess and verify the qualifications and track record of freelance programmers before hiring them to mitigate the risks associated with freelance arrangements.

If you choose to hire full-time remote programmers

The optimal approach is to collaborate with a software outsourcing company.

Access to highly experienced programmers who specialize in remote work. Dedicated programmers focus on a single project at a time, ensuring dedicated attention and commitment. They function as an extended team, seamlessly integrating with your existing workflows.

You are relieved from the management hassles, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while enjoying progress reports. You can provide feedback and request changes as needed.

Flexible hiring options are available, including hourly, project-based contracts, and monthly/quarterly arrangements.

This hiring option is suitable for various requirements, whether it’s a long-term enterprise software project with frequent updates or a startup app.

By opting for dedicated full-time remote programmers through a software outsourcing company, you can leverage these advantages for the success of your project.

What are the hourly rates charged by programmers?

It is important to recognize that the hourly rates of computer programmers can vary due to several factors, just as prices for everyday items differ across nations.

  • Experience level of the programmers.
  • The geographical location where the programmer resides.
  • Size and domain of the companies the programmer collaborates with.
  • Proficiency in both technical and soft skills.
  • Expertise in specific programming languages.

According to data from Glassdoor, which aligns with information from ZipRecruiter, the average hourly rate for computer programmers is approximately $52, ranging from $41 to $71 per hour.

Insider Insights: What Recruitment Agencies Won’t Tell You About Hiring Computer Programmers

To avoid missing out on exceptional talent and create an organization that programmers are eager to join, there are key insights you should know. These insights will help you cultivate a positive culture and environment conducive to long-term success.

Soft skills matter

Don’t entirely focus on technical knowledge and skills. Communication, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities are equally vital for a programmer’s effectiveness.

Look beyond impressive resumes

Don’t be overly swayed by flashy resumes boasting impressive technology jargon or degrees. A Computer Science degree does not automatically guarantee the best fit for a role.

Conduct thorough background checks

Verify technical experience, work ethics, and interpersonal skills.

Seek passion and enthusiasm

Prioritize candidates who exhibit a genuine passion for technology. This trait indicates a willingness to learn, adapt to new trends, and embrace evolving technologies.

Explore remote hiring options

Hiring programmers from different countries can provide cost savings, but carefully assess their credentials and qualifications.

Onboarding is crucial

Create a robust onboarding process to equip new hires with the necessary tools, support, and a welcoming environment for their success.

Pay competitive salaries

Recognize that top-quality programmers are in high demand and may not accept below-average compensation.

Build a strong employer brand

Establish a positive reputation and foster an exceptional work environment to attract and retain top tech talent who often rely on networks and referrals.

Embrace learning from mistakes

Despite taking all precautions, some hires may not work out. Learn from these experiences and adapt your hiring process accordingly.

By incorporating these insights into your hiring approach, you can maximize your chances of attracting and retaining top-notch programmers for your organization.

Preparing for Interviews with Computer Programmers

When it comes to interviewing computer programmers, careful preparation can make a significant difference in finding the right fit for your project. Here are some tips to help you get ready for interviewing computer programmers, along with sample questions:

Review resumes and portfolios

Thoroughly examine the resumes and portfolios of candidates to gain insight into their experience, skills and projects they have worked on. This will help you tailor your questions accordingly.

Create a practical test project

Consider assigning a test project that mirrors the actual work they would be doing. This hands-on assessment allows you to gauge their technical abilities, problem-solving skills, and code quality. For example, ask them to develop a simple web application or solve a programming challenge.

Pose behavioural questions

Behavioural questions can reveal a candidate’s work ethic, decision-making abilities, and how they handle challenges. Here are a few examples:

Tell me about a time when you faced a complex programming problem and how you solved it. Describe a situation where you had to work under tight deadlines and how you managed to deliver quality results. Share an experience when you collaborated effectively with a team to complete a project.

Assess communication skills

  • Effective communication is essential for seamless collaboration.
  • Ask questions that assess a candidate’s ability to communicate technical concepts and ideas clearly to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Simplify a complicated technical idea for a non-technical audience.
  • Describe a project you worked on, highlighting how you communicated and collaborated with team members.

Set clear expectations

Communicate job expectations, work schedule and any other relevant information during the interview. This ensures that candidates have a clear understanding of the position and can evaluate their fit. Encourage them to ask questions to clarify any uncertainties.

Remember, the goal of the interview process is not only to evaluate technical skills but also to assess cultural fit and potential for growth within your organization. By following these tips and tailoring your questions to your specific requirements, you’ll be well-prepared to conduct effective interviews with computer programmers.

Sample Interview Questions for Computer Programmers

  • What programming languages are you most proficient in?
  • Can you provide examples of projects or tasks you have completed using these languages?
  • How do you approach problem-solving in your work?
  • Walk me through your process when faced with a complex programming challenge.
  • What were the main obstacles you encountered and how did you overcome them?
  • Can you share any examples of how you have applied new technologies or frameworks in your work?
  • How did you handle the situation and ensure effective collaboration and communication?
  • How do you contribute to a positive and productive team dynamic?
  • Have you ever worked remotely before? If so, how do you manage your time, stay focused, and ensure effective communication while working remotely?

Remember, these interview questions serve as a starting point to assess a candidate’s technical skills, problem-solving abilities, collaboration skills, adaptability and work ethic. Tailor and customize the questions to align with the specific requirements of the position and your company’s culture and values. Additionally, be open to follow-up questions and probe deeper into their experiences and approaches to gain a comprehensive understanding of their abilities and fit for the role.

Tired of the cumbersome process of hiring programmers?

Hiring computer programmers is not like hiring for other roles, it requires significant time and attention. Plus, if the programmer’s skills don’t align with your project, you’ll have to start the process all over again.

Consider hiring full-time remote computer programmers from an outsourced app development company!

By doing so, the company takes responsibility for their programmers and even provides replacements if you’re not satisfied. This approach saves you time and money that would otherwise be spent on candidate sourcing and interviews.

Simply share your requirements with a software agency, review their top programmers, assess their portfolios, and choose the ones that suit your needs. The company will onboard their skilled programmers to work as valuable members of your extended team.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Whether you decide to hire full-time in-house programmers, freelancers, or remote professionals, each approach has its cost structure and benefits.

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