Discover Effective Strategies for Selling Digital Products on Shopify

Are you seeking smarter and more efficient ways to sell your digital products online? If so, consider Shopify as your platform of choice.

Creating digital products such as eBooks, audio files, and videos takes considerable time and effort. Yet, it can be difficult to sell and distribute them profitably.

That’s where Shopify’s development services come in, they’re tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses seeking a reliable and efficient way to sell products online through an online store. You can hire a developer for setting up a Shopify site for your product.

What is a digital product?

Digital products are virtual items that can be purchased and downloaded instantly. Although intangible and unable to be physically touched, they hold significant value, projected to generate a $331 billion industry.

When thinking of digital products, popular options such as streaming movies, TV shows, video games, software and apps come to mind. However, there are numerous ways to create digital products using one’s knowledge, creativity, skills, and expertise. It is possible to do so without requiring a film crew or a team of software developers.

How valuable are digital products?

One of the greatest advantages of digital products is that they can be created and sold by virtually anyone.

If you have a talent for crafting compelling and impactful digital products that resonate with your intended audience and motivate them to make a purchase, you can leverage that skill to sell your products on Shopify.

If you’re an industry expert, you can easily create a series of video tutorials that delve into important topics or provide reviews of various products.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the process of creating a digital product from scratch, you can resell private-label products online in a legitimate manner.

Advantages of a Digital Product Business Model

A PWC Global Media and Entertainment study predicts that the digital products market will reach an impressive $400 billion by the conclusion of 2023. The rise of digital product sales can be attributed to the increased demand for consumer products such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Out of all digital downloads, the music industry makes up the majority with a value of $6.9 billion in digital singles and albums.

Digital products yield greater profit margins compared to physical merchandise. Moreover, these margins tend to improve over time since there is no need to incur additional production costs for creating more units.

In terms of sales, eBooks rank second with a value of $5.69 billion.

Shopify’s development service outlines several advantages of selling digital products, including:

  • Minimal overhead costs since there is no need for physical storage.
  • Ability to offer unlimited stock.
  • Access to international markets without incurring shipping costs.
  • Potential for higher profit margins.
  • Automated delivery system for ensuring timely delivery of digital goods.

Begin your digital product sales journey with Shopify

Shopify provides its app called ‘Digital Downloads’ that allows sellers to upload digital files as products in their online store. When a product is purchased, a download link is provided to the buyer’s device, and an email containing the link is sent once the order is fulfilled.

Depending on the type of product being sold and user preference, the entire process can be automated using this app. Shopify’s development service recommends the use of this app for efficient management and prompt delivery of digital products.

Users can also utilize Shopify for hosting files as long as they are 5 GB or less in size. Alternatively, users can connect their online store with third-party apps.

Various third-party apps are available for filling the gap in digital downloads. In addition to Shopify’s Digital Downloads app, other third-party apps can assist in the efficient delivery of digital products. Shopify’s development service utilizes a range of apps from the Shopify App Store to effectively handle various aspects of digital product delivery.


SendOwl is a third-party app that enables users to sell nearly all types of digital goods on Shopify. Uploading files to the server and associating them with a product is a simple process, and the app handles the remaining tasks. When a customer purchases a product, SendOwl automatically generates a time-sensitive download link.

Sky Pilot 

Sky Pilot is an excellent app for selling a wide range of digital products, such as music, movies, and pictures, through Shopify. This app enables users to design custom pages for their store, providing customers with a convenient and straightforward way to download, view, or stream associated files. The process is fast, immediate and automated.


Shopify offers a reliable and efficient platform for selling digital products online. With its development services, you can set up an online store tailored to your needs. Digital products, such as eBooks and videos, have high value and can be created and sold by anyone. They offer advantages like minimal overhead costs, unlimited stock, and access to international markets. Digital products yield higher profit margins compared to physical merchandise. Shopify provides the ‘Digital Downloads’ app for sellers to upload and deliver digital files to buyers.

The process can be automated for efficient management. Selling digital products on Shopify allows you to tap into a growing market projected to reach $400 billion by 2023. Whether you have expertise in a particular field or want to resell private-label products, Shopify offers the tools and services to help you succeed. Start your digital product sales journey with Shopify and take advantage of the benefits it offers.

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