Developing a Doctor’s Teleconsultation App Like Vezeeta: A Step-by-Step Guide.

How about accessing healthcare consultation online? It’s convenient and hassle-free, right?

Healthcare is vital for our well-being, and good health is indeed invaluable. The healthcare industry continuously evolves and embraces technological advancements. Doctors, hospitals, clinics and healthcare laboratories are all leveraging mobile technology to enhance their services and provide the utmost convenience.

It’s undeniable that the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly transformed the healthcare industry and accelerated the need for online consultations. Consequently, the demand for teleconsultation apps like Vezeeta has soared.

As a result, healthcare providers have increasingly embraced digital platforms by developing doctor teleconsultation apps similar to Vezeeta. Vezeeta, established in 2012, provides a swift solution for booking appointments with top doctors in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and Nigeria.

What is the functioning of the Vezeeta doctor teleconsultation app?

Vezeeta is an app for healthcare teleconsultation that enables patients to easily schedule voice or video calls with specialized doctors for immediate consultations. The business model of Vezeeta is straightforward. Additionally, you can also use the app to book a doctor for a home visit. It’s as easy as selecting your desired speciality on the app, and the doctor will come directly to your home.

This is how a patient can utilize the teleconsultation app:

To utilize a teleconsultation app such as Vezeeta, the patient needs to download the app and establish an account. They can then provide details about their symptoms and condition. The app will then search for nearby hospitals and healthcare facilities based on the patient’s location. Using the integrated calendar, patients can schedule an appointment with a doctor and receive consultation through text, voice, or video calls. Finally, patients can conveniently make payments for the services using the app’s built-in payment options.

Vezeeta’s impressive performance is evident through its metrics. It utilizes a range of 21 technology products and services, including HTML5, Google Analytics, and Google Fonts, as reported by G2 Stack. Moreover, its website relies on 50 technologies, incorporating WordPress plugins and Google functionalities. Notably, Vezeeta garners a substantial monthly traffic of approximately 1,671,531 visits.

Driven by the remarkable accomplishments of Vezeeta, the demand for developing doctor teleconsultation apps has skyrocketed. These apps offer swift online consultations to patients, taking cues from Vezeeta’s triumphant model.

While each teleconsultation app boasts unique features and workflows, there are common attributes that contribute to its overall success.

Which fundamental features form the foundation of a teleconsultation app like Vezeeta?

Seamless registration

Teleconsultation apps offer a seamless registration process, allowing users to sign up effortlessly through email, phone numbers, or social media accounts. The user-friendly registration ensures that individuals of all ages can easily navigate the app without encountering complexities. Consequently, once the registration is completed, users can promptly book appointments for consultations.

Live location

This feature enables patients to locate the closest hospitals and specialists in real time. It empowers patients to manually search for hospitals and schedule appointments with doctors based on their preferences.

Audio and video communication

Audio and video communication are essential features of a teleconsultation app like Vezeeta. Patients can schedule appointments for voice or video calls with doctors to receive consultations. The app should ensure high-resolution audio and video quality, enabling doctors to accurately assess patients’ symptoms and provide appropriate consultations. Clear symptoms are crucial for effective medical guidance.

Written communication

The app enables patients to receive consultations through text messages, making it a fundamental feature of a doctor’s teleconsultation app like Vezeeta. Text messages offer a convenient communication method for individuals who do not require voice or video calls for their consultations. Doctors can review and respond to text messages at their convenience, especially when they are not time-sensitive, ensuring timely and appropriate consultations.

Calendar integration

A standard feature in all doctor teleconsultation apps is the inclusion of a built-in calendar. This integrated calendar enables patients to conveniently schedule and organize their appointments with doctors or specialists. Users have the flexibility to reschedule or cancel their bookings directly within the in-built calendar. Additionally, the app can sync with the Google Calendar, ensuring users receive timely notifications and updates.

Secure payment options

Payment gateways play a vital role in facilitating convenient and seamless transactions within telehealth and teleconsultation apps. App developers must prioritize the security protocols of these payment options to ensure the safety of users’ financial information. To enhance flexibility and user experience, incorporating multiple payment gateways is essential.

What are the steps to develop a teleconsultation app like Vezeeta? 

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the development process for a doctor teleconsultation app like Vezeeta is crucial for establishing a solid foundation. Therefore, we will guide you through each of these steps meticulously, addressing any uncertainties you may have.

Step 1: Planning and Analysis

When embarking on app development, the initial stage involves meticulous planning to ensure a seamless process. In all sincerity, a well-thought-out plan paves the way for successful execution. Take the time to determine your app’s requirements, encompassing project insights, desired features and functionality, as well as the target audience.

This phase is where you contemplate the flow and development process of a teleconsultation app, fostering the generation of innovative ideas to create a valuable doctor teleconsultation app. Conducting a competitor analysis is also beneficial, enabling you to identify gaps and focus on them to introduce novel and distinctive elements.

Step 2: Engaging a Mobile App Development Company

Undoubtedly, this step demands heightened attention and caution. Seek proficient developers from a reputable on-demand app development company with a track record of creating successful apps. It is essential that the company possesses extensive knowledge of mobile app development and remains abreast of the latest updates and technologies.

Familiarize yourself with the developers’ mobile app development process, addressing any queries you may have, before finalizing your decision to hire. Additionally, review their portfolio and past projects to gain

Step 3: Choosing the Mobile App Development Platform

Now arrives the stage where you must decide on the platform for your app development endeavours.

This particular step can be quite perplexing, yet dedicating time to arrive at the right choice holds immense value, as the platform plays a pivotal role in the overall success of an app.

Within the industry, there exists an array of platforms for mobile app development, with the leading contenders being Android and iOS. Align your decision with your business requirements by selecting one of these platforms, or seek guidance from on-demand app developers to assist you in making an informed choice.

Step 4: Testing and Deployment of the App

As humans, we naturally crave perfection, and app development is no different. Following the completion of app development, the QA team conducts thorough checks on the application to guarantee its quality and performance. These tests are carried out to ensure the seamless functioning of the doctor teleconsultation app before its deployment.

Only after rigorous testing and quality assurance can the app be deemed error-free and impeccable. Once the developer confirms the app’s quality, it is primed for its industry launch.

What would be the expense of developing an app similar to Vezeeta?

The development cost of an on-demand app is influenced by various factors that contribute to the overall app development process. Due to these factors, the cost of development varies from one project to another.

Here are the factors that impact the app development cost:

  • Integrated features within the app.
  • Choice of platforms – iOS, Android, Native, and Hybrid.
  • Level of customization required.
  • Hourly rates of the developers.
  • The technology utilized.
  • Design and user interface of the app.

Aside from these factors, the cost of development can also be influenced by the location of the developers you choose to hire. Certain countries provide app development services at lower rates compared to others. For example, you can hire skilled on-demand app developers from India at significantly reduced rates.

If you decide to hire a reputable mobile app development company, the approximate cost of app development would range between $15,000 to $20,000. However, please note that this is not a fixed cost and may vary further.


In today’s digital age, online platforms have gained immense popularity, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The field of telemedicine and teleconsultation app development is rapidly advancing. The beauty of a doctor’s teleconsultation app lies in its equal benefits for both healthcare providers and patients. Given its promising potential, now is the opportune time to create a teleconsultation app.

If you’re considering creating a doctor teleconsultation app like Vezeeta, we’re here to help! Our team of incredibly creative and forward-thinking telehealth app developers can provide you with the assistance you need. Feel free to reach out and discuss your project with our experts, who will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

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