Billing Management System - Website, MIS and Mobile Application Case Study

How we helped our clients by building a billing management system and software application that helps businesses efficiently manage their billing processes.

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About Billing Management System

This case study presents the design and development of a comprehensive system for advanced cities, including a website, Management Information System (MIS), and mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. The system is specifically designed to manage consumer billing for all utilities provided by the company.

It incorporates features such as data integration from SCADA systems, manual data uploads, bill printing in multiple languages, online customer registration and connection transfer requests.

Industry Servicing
Products Software
Business Type Enterprises
Business Model
/ overview

Business overview.

The client recognized the need for an efficient billing management system to streamline consumer billing for various services provided by their company. The system aimed to automate billing processes, improve customer service, and enhance overall operational efficiency. The website, MIS, and mobile applications were developed to cater to the diverse needs of consumers and provide seamless access to billing-related services.

The website will provide a dashboard for consumers to view their account information, make payments and report outages. The MIS will provide a comprehensive view of billing usage and billing data.

/ Challenges

Our Project Challenges

Bill Printing in Multiple Languages

Implementing bill printing functionality in multiple languages demanded localization and internationalization techniques. Dynamic content translation and language selection features were incorporated to generate bills in the preferred language.

Connection Transfer Request

Enabling connection transfer requests demanded seamless communication between consumers and the utility provider. Dedicated sections in the website and mobile applications facilitated easy submission and tracking of connection transfer requests.

Data Integration from SCADA Systems

Integrating data from SCADA systems in .XLS and .CSV formats required careful data mapping and extraction. Custom data import modules were developed to automate the process and ensure data accuracy.

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/ Technology

Technology Stack

The proposed solution for the project was developed using new-age and open-source technologies such as:
  • tramecsloan-html logoHTML5
  • tramecsloan-css logoCSS
  • swift logoSwift
  • xcode logoXcode
  • xcode logoAndroidStudio
  • java_logoJava
  • javascript logoJavaScript
  • casestudy_wecan_mongodb logoMongoDB
  • casestudy_wecan_expressjs logoExpressJS
  • casestudy_wecan_node logoNodeJS
  • fairobserver news application php logoPHP
  • fairobserver news application mysql logoMySql
  • laravel logoLaravel
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/ Results

The Results

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