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How we helped our client to expand their digital presence by launching mobile app across global markets.

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About Our Client

Our client is an independent, nonprofit media organization that engages in citizen journalism and civic education.

Our client's digital media platform has 2,500 contributors from 90 countries, cutting across borders, backgrounds and beliefs. With fact-checking and a rigorous editorial process, our client provides diversity and quality in an era of echo chambers and fake news.

Industry Media Agency
Services News, Opinions and Analysis
Business Type Enterprise
Business Model
Subscription and Donation
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Meeting Higher Growth by Expanding Client's Digital Presence Globally

FClient's goal of achieving higher growth is being accomplished by expanding their digital presence on a global scale. By increasing its reach and visibility, our client is tapping into a wider audience base and attracting more users. This expansion is achieved through various strategies such as optimizing search engine presence, leveraging social media platforms and forming partnerships with influential organizations or individuals.

By focusing on targeted content creation, our client is engaging with diverse perspectives and fostering meaningful discussions on global issues. Additionally, investing in user-friendly website design and mobile compatibility has enhanced the overall user experience and accessibility.

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How we helped our
client to reach
a readership of over 1 Million
people worldwide.
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fairo bservernews application director testimonial
Atul Singh Director - Editor-in-Chief
"We approached Netleon with a clear vision to build a robust and future-ready platform that could seamlessly integrate with the busy lifestyle of our customers while uplift their overall experience and give us a competitive edge. The Netleon team not only understood our vision but also enhanced the overall solution with their expertise. The end results exceeded our expectations with massive improvements in the user base and digital revenue for different brands."
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Our Project Challenges

Forming the ideal team

Selecting skilled professionals for global media platforms was crucial for achieving desired outcomes. Our meticulous team handpicked experts who excelled in their domains and met client requirements.

Accelerating time to market

To meet competition, we reduced app development time by deploying an on-site team. They understood requirements, promoted collaboration and addressed legacy system limitations.

Enhancing personalization

To encourage customers to choose our client application over other similar apps, prioritizing the customer experience was crucial. To accomplish this, we focused on providing extensive personalization within the app, ensuring customers could easily access their bookmarks.

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News and Media application world news app

Helping our clients excel through continuous optimization.

We implemented the entire project using the BOOT (Build, Operate, Optimize, Transfer) model. After thoroughly understanding the client's vision for the product, we laid a strong foundation by creating the initial client mobile app. Once the app successfully met the client's expectations, we expanded its reach to multiple markets.
Some key optimizations we performed during app development included:
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/ Technology

Technology Stack

The proposed solution for our client was developed using new-age and open-source technologies such as:
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  • fairobserver news application wordpress logo
  • fairobserver news application php logo
  • fairobserver news application flutter logo
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The Results

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