Social Ordering App for Food and Beverages - Case Study.

How we helped our client in developing a Social ordering mobile application in increasing brand awareness and reaching a larger audience.

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About Social Ordering Food and Beverages

This case study explores the development of a Social ordering application for iOS and Android platforms. The primary goal of this project is to create a user-friendly app that allows users to register, order food and beverages for their friends and pick them up from the nearest bars or restaurants.

Industry Food and Drinks
Products Food and Beverages
Business Type Service
Business Model
/ Overview

Business Overview.

Our client is focused on revolutionizing the way people order food and drinks for their friends and family. The app aims to provide a convenient platform for users to treat their friends and families by ordering food and beverages from nearby bars and restaurants.

/ Challenges

Our Project Challenges

Integration with Multiple Bars and Restaurants

Developing a seamless integration with various bars and restaurants, including their menus, required building a robust API system. Establishing partnerships with establishments, creating standardized menu formats, and ensuring regular updates were key challenges addressed during the development phase.

Payment Security and Integration

Integrating with payment gateways to facilitate secure and convenient transactions demanded strict adherence to security standards and compliance. Thorough testing and implementation of encryption techniques were employed to ensure secure payment processing.

Bars and Restaurants Verification and Management

Implementing a verification system for bars and restaurants to ensure their authenticity and quality required effective communication channels and a streamlined process. Developing an admin panel with verification mechanisms and regular audits facilitated the efficient management of establishments.

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/ Technology

Technology Stack

The proposed solution for the client project was developed using new-age and open-source technologies such as:
  • tramecsloan-html logoHTML5
  • tramecsloan-css logoCSS
  • swift logoSwift
  • xcode logoXcode
  • xcode logoAndroidStudio
  • java_logoJava
  • javascript logoJavaScript
  • casestudy_wecan_mongodb logoMongoDB
  • casestudy_wecan_expressjs logoExpressJS
  • casestudy_wecan_react logoReactJS
  • casestudy_wecan_flutter logoFlutter
  • casestudy_wecan_node logoNodeJS
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/ Results

The Results

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