IoT-Based Car Child Safety Application for iOS and Android.

How we helped in creating an IoT Car Child Safety app that improves child safety during car travel using IoT technology.

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About Car Child Safety App

This case study presents the development of an Internet of Things (IoT)-based car child safety application for iOS and Android platforms. The primary objective of this project is to ensure the safety and well-being of children in vehicles by utilizing IoT technology.

Industry Automobile
Products Software and Hardware
Business Type Enterprises
Business Model
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Business overview

The client was focused on developing innovative solutions to enhance child safety in vehicles. The company aims to create a mobile application that integrates with IoT sensors and devices installed in cars to monitor and alert parents or caregivers about potential risks to children left unattended in vehicles.

To accomplish this, we leveraged the power of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. They collaborate with automobile manufacturers and install IoT sensors and devices in vehicles. These sensors are strategically placed to detect and gather data regarding key parameters such as temperature, movement, and occupancy within the vehicle.

/ Challenges

Our Project Challenges

Real-time Data Communication

Ensuring seamless and secure communication between the IoT sensors, mobile application and cloud services required robust integration techniques. Message Queuing Telemetry Transport protocol was employed to facilitate efficient real-time data transmission.

Sensor Accuracy and Reliability

Calibrating and testing the IoT sensors for accurate child presence detection, temperature monitoring and air quality measurements was crucial to ensure reliable data and timely alerts. Rigorous testing and calibration procedures were implemented during the development phase.

Data Privacy and Security

Handling sensitive data related to child safety requires robust security measures. Secure data encryption, user authentication and strict access controls were implemented to protect user information and ensure data privacy.

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/ Technology

Technology Stack

The proposed solution for the project was developed using new-age and open-source technologies such as :
  • swift logoSwift
  • xcode logoXcode
  • xcode logoAndroidStudio
  • java_logoJava
  • javascript logoJavaScript
  • casestudy_wecan_mongodb logoMongoDB
  • casestudy_wecan_expressjs logoExpressJS
  • aws logoAWS
  • casestudy_wecan_flutter logoFlutter
  • casestudy_wecan_node logoNodeJS
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/ Results

The Results

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