Driver booking application and website development.

How we helped our client to develop a driver booking mobile application and website to help in a reaching larger audience.

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About Our Client

The company was founded to address the significant shortage of drivers among car owners. Their market research revealed that many car owners were seeking reliable drivers for trips, planned or unplanned, but struggled to find trustworthy options.

Client incorporated the company to bridge this gap, providing well-trained, uniformed drivers who undergo rigorous background checks and possess excellent communication skills.

Industry Transportation
Services Hourly rentals, One-way drops, Outstation trips
Business Type Technology
Business Modle
/ Growth

Meeting larger audience through developing a mobile application.

Developing a mobile application opens up opportunities to reach a larger audience and expand the reach of your business or service. With the increasing usage of smartphones, mobile apps have become a primary means for users to access information, products and services. By developing a mobile app, you can tap into this vast user base and cater to their needs directly through their mobile devices. Mobile apps provide a convenient and accessible platform for users to engage with your brand, make purchases, or access specific features.

They offer personalized experiences, push notifications and offline capabilities, enhancing user engagement and retention. Furthermore, a mobile app can help you stand out from competitors, improve customer loyalty and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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/ We Helped
How we helped our client
in reaching 60K average
monthly visitors
on their Website.
/ Testimonial
Monu Sharma Director
"Netleon has exceeded our expectations in developing our mobile app. Their expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the project. They ensured a seamless user experience and provided excellent support for website maintenance. We highly recommend Netleon for their exceptional services."
/ Challenges

Our Project Challenges

Market Competition

The transportation industry is highly competitive, with various established players and emerging startups. Gaining traction and differentiating from competitors requires a unique value proposition, efficient marketing strategies and exceptional customer service. Providing incentives, attracting both drivers and customers and maintaining a good reputation are ongoing challenges

Operational Efficiency

Managing a large driver network, addressing customer queries, handling payment processes and providing efficient customer support are ongoing operational challenges. Developing streamlined processes, implementing effective communication channels and optimizing operational workflows are necessary to ensure smooth operations and high customer satisfaction.

Technical Complexity

Developing a robust and user-friendly app with features like driver registration, user booking, real-time tracking, payment integration and communication requires expertise in mobile app development and backend infrastructure. It demands careful planning, efficient coding and thorough testing to ensure a seamless user experience.


Helping our Client in Implementing Mobile App Features.

The entire project was carried out utilizing the BOOT (Build, Operate, Optimize, Transfer) framework. Once we fully understood the client's product vision, we laid a strong groundwork by creating the website and mobile application.
Some key optimizations we performed during client app development included:
/ Technology

Technology Stack

Client Mobile application was developed using advanced and open sources technologies such as:
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/ Results

The Results

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Book a ridecasestudy_carchalak-bookaride
fare chartcasestudy_carchalak-fairchart
refer & earncasestudy_carchalak-refer & earn
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